Community Bank’s merchant deposit service is an added convenience and time-saver.

Features & Benefits:

  • Greater Convenience– Deposit checks from your desktop computer without having to leave your business. Eliminate trips to the bank saving time and expense associated with leaving your business.
  • Automate your deposit process– e-Deposit software is easy to learn and use. Bank personnel will help you install software to get you started. Checks are processed through a small scanner and images of the items are transmitted to the bank for deposit into your checking account.
  • Enhance your cash flow– Because you can process your deposits anytime, your items used for deposit are collected quicker which means you have better access to your money.
  • No expensive courier fees.
  • Quicker research time.
  • Fewer posting errors.
  • Maintain an audit trail for your deposits.
  • No Duplication – eDeposit software will not let you duplicate deposits.