Commercial Accounts: Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) July 19, 2022

Notice to all commercial customers

Community Bank has now engaged in Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA for all commercial accounts. This is an electronic authentication method where you will be asked to provide two or more steps of verification before being able to log into your online banking. This process will take effect starting July 19, 2022. You will be asked your user ID and passcode to log in, after this you will be required to do one more step for the initial log-in. This will include an email, security question or text message authenticator that you will put into the website. If you are not set up with text message for your account there will be additional steps to set you up if you would like to use this method. We have simple step by step instructions to help you through this process if needed. The key purpose of this is to ensure the highest level of security when you log into your online banking platform. Our customer's privacy is the banks most important concern and with implementation of this feature each customer can feel secure as they log into their banking platform.

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