Text Banking

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How do I use Text Banking


To use Text Banking, your mobile device must send and receive text message to and from a short code (44660). Most mobile devices are capable of sending and receiving text messages, so your phone is most likely compatible with Community Bank Mobile.

NOTE: Some mobile service carriers charge for outgoing text messages and/or for each message sent and received. Standard text messaging and data usage charges may apply through your wireless carrier.

To View Account Balances:

Send (bal) to Short Code (44660)
A text message will be returned with the balance for the enabled account

To View Account Summary:

Send (sum) to Short Code (44660) A text message will be returned with summary information for the enable account Information included: The short name for the accounts and balances. The last deposit date and amount. Also included will be the next payment amount for a loan, if selected, and the most recent transactions.

To Send Community Bank a Message:

Send (msg) to Short Code (44660) A text message will be sent to a designated bank contact during regular business hours

To See a Summary on Checking Account 1 only (ck1):

Send (sum ck1) to Short Code (44660) A summary only on your checking account (ck1) will be displayed

To See a Balance on Savings Account (sv2):

Send (bal sv2) to Short Code (44660) The balance on a selected savings account will be displayed

To Receive Help with your Text Banking:

Send (help) to Short Code (44660) You will then be able to receive help with your Text Banking

To Cancel Text Banking:

Send (stop) to Short Code (44660)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be enrolled in Online Banking to use Text Banking?

Yes, you must enroll in Online Banking to use Text Banking. The same Access ID and password used with your online banking allows you to access the mobile banking applications.

Are the keywords case sensitive?

No. Whether you type "BAL" or "bal", a response with your account balance information is sent to your mobile device.

What should I do if I don't get a response to a request?

Make sure you are sending text messages to the short code (44660). Check the keyword and any additional information required for the request, such as the account nickname.

Why are my results sent as multiple messages?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters. If your account information exceeds the character limit your account information is sent in multiple messages - no more than five at a time.

I have text messaging enabled on my mobile device, why can't I receive text messages?

Your mobile service carrier may be blocking short codes or you may have blocked short codes on your mobile device. Short codes must be enabled to use Community Bank Mobile. Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers, usualJy five digits, used to send specialized messages. Community Bank's short code is 44660.